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Job Title:                Field Organizer

Position Type:      Full-time

Reports To:           Executive Director

Salary:                     Based on Experience


Position Description:

The Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty (KCADP) is a non-profit organization that is preparing for a legislative campaign. The field organizer will be a vital part of this campaign, responsible for traveling to and organizing within key legislative districts under the Executive Director’s supervision and oversight.  With a specific focus on Wichita and Western Kansas area supporters – including victims’ families, law enforcement officials, political conservatives, moderates and liberals  and diverse faith groups – the field organizer will carry out systematic outreach with the goal of building grassroots support for repeal and identifying key volunteers and partners.


Essential duties and responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with and mobilize strategically important constituency groups
  • Identify ways to develop new leadership among members and supporters
  • Build coalitions and networks within targeted legislative districts
  • Plan and execute educational events in targeted areas of the state
  • Assist in trainings on speaking, advocacy and grassroots lobbying
  • Prepare written materials (such as fliers and brochures) to support overall grassroots campaign
  • Work closely with the Executive Director to ensure grassroots organizing efforts advance legislative goals as specified in the strategic plan
  • Speak on behalf of KCADP at meetings, events, and other venues
  • Work with staff and volunteers to ensure that the database is up to date
  • Contribute to the KCADP’s newsletter as requested
  • Send out action alerts and updates to KCADP members


  • Confident public speaker
  • Commitment to ending the death penalty
  • Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal skills; familiarity with internet/social media
  • Comfortable working with and motivating volunteers in various projects
  • Ability to interface with diverse population groups
  • Attentiveness to detail and ability to work under pressure
  • Self-starter, but respectful of team goals and processes
  • Ability to work some evenings and weekends
  • A valid driver’s license, auto insurance and ability to drive within the state as needed
  • Experience with community organizing; experience in event planning a plus
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel and PowerPoint; use of Publisher a plus
  • Bachelor’s degree in social service or human services discipline
  • Bondable


 Please email your resume and a cover letter to Mary Sloa  (maryatKSabolitiondotorg)  n at maryatKSabolitiondotorg.


HB 2389 has been Defeated!


Senate Substitute for HB 2389 was defeated late Friday!

Our deep concern was that the bill would restrict and shorten the death penalty appeals process, greatly increasing the risk of death for those wrongfully convicted. We appreciate your support of KCADP and strong advocacy in contacting both the House and Senate members throughout the session. It made a difference!

We are grateful for the wise actions of Representatives. Becker, Pauls, Jennings, Hilldebrand and Carmichael in urging the House to OPPOSE a bill that had not been thoroughly debated and fully considered by the House. We commend Senator Haley for his strong leadership and opposition to this bill both in the Senate and on the appointed Conference Committee.

Because of our work to defeat this bill, we have educated many, gained new allies, and are closer to repeal. Each of you made a difference this year and has helped us to respond quickly, fill up hearing rooms, receive media attention for the issues, and engage legislators.

This summer and fall we will continue working and preparing to pass repeal in next session. We urge you to stay tuned, bring potential new members to events and meetings, and keep educating and advocating in all parts of Kansas.

Botched Execution in Oklahoma


Traditional and social media around the nation are exploding with the news of last night’s botched execution of convicted murderer Clayton Lockett. Lockett died after the State of Oklahoma, using a new and untested drug combination, aborted the procedure when it was clear that the execution was not proceeding as planned.


News reports and witnesses relate that Lockett cried out “man” and that he writhed and struggled to get off the gurney after he was supposed to be unconscious. Officials closed the blinds to the viewing gallery after Lockett struggled.


The event lasted at least 43 minutes. Lockett’s cause of death was reported to be a massive heart attack.


This was to have been a double execution, the state’s first since 1937. The execution of the other condemned man, Charles Warner, has been postponed. It is clear that Oklahoma should halt all executions and carry out an independent investigation.


“We know that the death penalty is fraught with risk, error and expense, and it does nothing to protect society from future crime,” said Donna Schneweis, Chair of the Kansas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (KCADP). Lethal injection is not an acceptable method for states who still carry out the death penalty as shown in last night’s event and the prolonged and grotesque execution of Ohio convicted killer Dennis McGuire in January. Last night’s execution in Oklahoma, like the one in Ohio in January, undermine public confidence in our criminal justice system.


The solution is to replace the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole. The death penalty should not continue.


The Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty (KCADP), The Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, the National Coalition and many others are calling for change. This shocking event serves as an even greater motivation to abolish the death penalty in Kansas and join 18 other states that have already outlawed this archaic practice.

The Legislative Session isn’t over yet – We must stay vigilant!

We are in the final stages of the 2014 Legislative Session and we here at KCADP have spent the bulk of our time fighting against a poorly thought-out bill – Senate Substitute for House Bill 2389.


This bill intended to accelerate the death penalty execution process.  Its own process through the legislature involved a “gut-and-go” maneuver where the language from an already approved bill was replaced with something else.  This technique would have prevented the House from having any input on the bill, but working together, you made sure that wasn’t the case by bringing attention to this ill-advised and dangerous bill.  The House heard you and responded by rejecting the Conference Committee report and sending the bill back down the legislative hill…but it’s not over until the last day, so this IS NOT OVER!!


There is still a possibility that the proponents of this bill will try to get it through.  Stay vigilant and continue to contact  Conference Committee House members Rep. Rubin  (johndotrubinathousedotksdotgov)  , (785 296-7690); Rep. Gonzales  (ramondotgonzalezjrathousedotksdotgov)  , (785 296-7500); and Rep. Pauls  (jandotpaulsathousedotksdotgov)  , (785 296-7657); along with your  House Representative (find your Representative here) and urge them to OPPOSE HB 2389!


Together we can end the death penalty and defeating this bill is a good start!

KCADP is Springing into Action!

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Check out our Spring Newsletter to see what we have been up to!

Read the entire Newsletter here and as always, stay tuned to our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed for breaking abolition news and information!


We all here at KCADP would like to thank you, our loyal members, for your incredible support!  With your help, we will make Abolition in Kansas a reality!