The Kansas Death Penalty: What a Waste!


Let the Candidates Hear from You!

Spread the abolition message!


In these critical weeks when candidates are out and about as they run for the Legislature, it’s a prime opportunity for you, the people in their district, to engage with them about the death penalty.


If you do, you are providing them with vital information so they can be informed on this important public policy!


KCADP doesn’t endorse any candidates or political parties. What we do endorse is continuing the dialogue and education, one Kansan at a time, so that we can bring Kansas into the abolition arena!


What will you do today to help educate a candidate in your area?

To All Our Supporters

Dear Friends,   We are writing because we are at a crossroads.   KCADP is transitioning to an all-volunteer organization as of   May 6th. as the grant funding that provided the resources for paid staff has ended.   KCADP staff will go on to other challenges.  We know they will succeed at those ventures.  They are…

Join us in Lawrence May 21 to hear from Kansas exoneree Floyd Bledsoe!

  Click on the image to download the flyer. All are welcome! We hope to see you there!


On April 27, the Kansas Legislature returns for the final portion of the 2016 Legislative Session. And they do so under grim conditions:  our state faces a $290 million dollar budget hole and no one knows how to fix it.  This will surely mean cuts to programs and services that people have a real need for and care…