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Congratulations to Nebraskans!

It’s final!  On Wednesday May 27th, by a vote of 30-19, the Nebraska legislature has voted to override the Governor’s veto and abolish the death penalty in Nebraska.  With this vote, Nebraska has become the first conservative state since North Dakota (1973) to abolish the death penalty and becomes the 7th state to abolish the death penalty in the past 8 years.


Kansas still has the chance this year to join Nebraska on the right side of history.  Reach out to your legislators today and let them know that you want Kansas to join Nebraska in ending the death penalty.  You can easily find your legislators’ information by clicking here.  And know this, even if we do not succeed in our efforts this year, we will never give up. We have the support of many Representatives and Senators in our great state and we will continue to work with them, continue to work to gain new allies, and continue our fight until Kansas does the right thing. Together we will end the death penalty!
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Mary Sloan

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New Resource Featuring the Voices of Kansas Murder Victims’ Families

  Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation has partnered with KCADP on putting together a new resource sharing the personal stories of Kansas murder victims’ families and some of their concerns about the death penalty. In this booklet, murder victims’ families from across the state of Kansas share their own experiences of losing a loved one…

“I wanted That Kid Dead”

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