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KCADP is Springing into Action!

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We all here at KCADP would like to thank you, our loyal members, for your incredible support!  With your help, we will make Abolition in Kansas a reality!



Kansas is Featured in the EJUSA Newsletter!

Kansas Repeal Campaign Snapshot

Submitted by Emma Weisfeld-Adams, Tue, 11/05/2013

A stack of postcards to lawmakers collected by KCADPThink all “Red States” love the death penalty? Think again.

A hundred years ago Kansas became one of the first states to legislatively repeal the death penalty. It’s been reinstated a few times since but was never embraced.

In 2010 the State Senate came one vote shy of passing repeal. It was the first time in the modern era a repeal vote garnered more Republicans than Democrats.

Last year a Kansas’ Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee held a hearing on the death penalty that was dominated by repeal supporters. This year the state is gearing up for a campaign that is going to be even stronger. Repeal supporters from the Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty (KCADP) and the EJUSA community have already sent thousands of messages to leaders in Kansas to end this broken system.

We have also helped KCADP recruit some powerful new allies in the pro-life community. Two organizations representing large constituencies of pro-life Kansans signed an official letter to lawmakers this year stating their support of repeal.

Another way KCADP has gotten the message of repeal out to lawmakers is through hand-written postcards from ordinary individuals across the state. KCADP has already collected postcard stacks too high for lawmakers to ignore, and they’re just getting started.

Kansas’ death penalty was never very strong. Now it’s hanging by the thinnest of threads. Stay tuned as Repeal2014 heats up.

Summer Newsletter

Newsletter for Email blastThe 2013 Summer Newsletter is here it has a new look!


KCADP is on the move and Mary Sloan, KCADP Executive Director, writes about the Push for Abolition in 2014!


Don’t forget to check out the special column about Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty!


Want to learn about how you can help abolition efforts in Kansas? Donna Schneweis, KCADP Board Chair, writes about 5 great ways to help advocate for abolition!


Mark your calendars for KCADP’s Champions for Change event on September 26th! Read about who we will be honoring here or become a sponsor of the event by simply clicking here!


Read all about our super volunteers Bill Lucero, who rode over 100 miles on his bike in support of abolition and, Marilyn Trechter, who is one of our longest serving and most dedicated advocates!


Don’t forget our annual Abolition Conference coming up in October! Read about murder victim family member and Keynote Speaker, Vicki Schieber! Do you have a certain talking point you would like to learn more about? Keep watch on your email for a survey about the workshops and let us know your ideas!


We here at KCADP are getting excited about the Push for Abolition in 2014 and hope you are too!



KCADP Spring 2013 Newsletter


The KCADP Spring 2013 newsletter is now available online!


KCADP Winter 2013 Newsletter


The KCADP Winter 2013 Newsletter is now available online!  We’ve got information on upcoming events, a look ahead at what you can do to help Kansas get closer to abolishing the death penalty in 2013, and much more!

Click here to access the newsletter in PDF format.



KCADP Fall 2012 Newsletter


The KCADP Fall 2012 Newsletter is now available online!  We’ve got a lot of exciting news and upcoming events to share with you.  Here’s a glimpse at the stories you’ll find in the Fall 2012 Newsletter:

  • KCADP is hosting the 2012 Abolition Conference in Olathe on Saturday, November 10th.  Dr. Allen Ault, a former death row warden, will be the keynote speaker. He will share a unique perspective based on his law enforcement and corrections experience.   For more information on the 2012 Abolition Conference, or to register online for free, click here.

The full newsletter is available online.


KCADP Summer 2012 Newsletter


This summer we put together a special election-focused issue of the KCADP newsletter.  With the federal court ordered redistricting, Kansans can expect to see a lot of changes.  Whether it’s a change to the legislative district they live in or the number of new faces in the legislature when it convenes in January 2013, the Summer 2012 newsletter will help get you up to speed on these changes and what you can to do over the summer to help make sure abolition is a top priority in the next legislative session.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the stories in the newsletter:

As always, the full newsletter is available online.  Click here to read the Summer 2012 newsletter in its entirety.


Spring 2012 Newsletter


The Spring 2012 Newsletter is available online!  Here are just a few the stories you’ll find in the Spring 2012 issue:

  • In March, the Kansas House held an informational hearing on the death penalty.  While the committee room was packed with abolition supporters, not everyone was able to attend.  Catch up on the hearing with photos and details about who spoke to the committee!
  • Spotlight on an Abolitionist:  The newsletter features an interview with Brian Pack, who is a KCADP member and a law enforcement officer in the Kansas City area.  Learn about why Brian supports abolishing the death penalty.
  • A new report shows what Kansas already knows, the death penalty is inconsistently applied to similar cases.  In Kansas, a study found that a defendant in Sedgwick County is much more likely to get a death sentence than a defendant in Wyandotte County.  Find out more about how the Kansas death penalty is inconsistently used across the state.

You can read all this and more in the Spring 2012 newsletter by clicking on the image below.



Fall 2011 Newsletter

The Fall 2011 newsletter is available to download in PDF format. Click the thumbnail below to download.  If you would like to receive our newsletter by email or mail, please subscribe here.