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Writers PosterWords can be powerful – and the right ones at the right time can help abolish the death penalty in Kansas!

Please consider joining the KCADP Writers’ Bureau.


Beginning now and into the 2016 legislative session! It is essential to have positive citizen support for these efforts. Informed citizens willing to speak up about issues that are important to them can have strong influence on legislators and other leaders.

If you become part of the KCADP Writers’ Bureau, you can help deliver good reasons for repeal with a Letter to the Editor (LTE), op-ed pieces, online comments, guest blogs or newsletter articles or even by accepting a “by request” writing or research assignment.


If you’d like to volunteer your skills to help realize our high hopes for repeal in 2016, please email ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Carolyn Zimmerman at cjzimatsbcglobaldotnet  (cjzimatsbcglobaldotnet)  

Writers’ Bureau editor, Carolyn Zimmerman will alert you to where and when your words are needed and will help you craft the most effective message.


Writer’s Bureau Tools:

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KCADP looks forward to working with Kansas writers who support abolition of the death penalty. Please let us hear from you soon.